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Mykel Hawke Wallet 02098
Mykel Hawke Wallet
Mykel Hawke Wallet
Mykel Hawke Wallet
Mykel Hawke Wallet
Mykel Hawke Wallet
Mykel Hawke Wallet

Mykel Hawke Wallet

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The History:
When I was approached to make a wallet, I thought to myself, “Why? There are plenty."
But the folks behind this wallet have been making designer products for the biggest names for decades.
So, I decided to hear them out. They explained to me all about how they found this treasure
of unique parts of hide that weren't being used - that fit my guerrilla mindset right away.
Then the process of how they make the specially treated leather, 
and I knew, this was a Special Ops Guy type of wallet.

The Wallet:
The wallet comes in a classic design that has been time tested to be one of the best.
Its leather comes with lines of character, each unique and unlike any other - like a commando.
Its special treatment lets it show its lines of wear easily, 
which to my way of thinking makes it have individuality right away
and is a true sign of character - it's earned by service and experience.
Finally, it has the latest tech interwoven in so it guards against identity theft.
With the special wire mesh liner that prevents hacking of your credit card chip data,
this wallet is the best fusion of old and new, like a true modern classic.

Ruth loves hers as she doesn't care to be relegated 
to only having a girly wallet in her purse.
So for the both of us, our wallets see action every day
and not only do we feel good about having them
we like what we see and feel each time we pull them out.

These wallets have a story and they make a statement-
one of quality, class and modern savvy, that will last a lifetime.