Your Go-To Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

We get it. You’ve been inundated with holiday gift guides all telling you what you should purchase and where you should purchase it. It’s a stressful time of year! As we begin to celebrate the holidays, we realize that maybe the stress got the better of you, which is why we decided to share a last-minute holiday gift guide. We’re not telling you where to purchase your gifts. (Although, you can totally put your Member Perks to work here!) We’re simply offering up a few gun-related suggestions to help you crack the gift-giving code.

Purchasing a new gun is an exciting moment for novice and experienced gun owners alike. Albeit, these new gun purchases can come with a hefty price tag. They say you can’t put a price on safety, which is true, but you can certainly put one on all the extras you may need or want after purchasing your firearm. If friends or family members have invested in a new gun, chances are, they won’t have all the little extras that go with it. This is your perfect opportunity to complete the package or to just buy them something to add to their growing collection.

Whether you’re a last-minute shopper, or just waiting to see if you can score some last minute deals, don’t fret! From cheap to expensive, our last-minute holiday gift guide has you covered.

  • Shooting Targets

From traditional bullseye and silhouette, all the way to spinning and clay, a shooting target is a great item to give to the gun lover in your life. Every gun owner needs constant practice and a shooting target is the best way to ensure your gun loving friend or family member will never have a reason not to head over to the shooting range. This is a perfect item to give if you’re on a budget. Shooting targets vary in price depending on what you purchase, but they can start at as little as $4.99.


  • Ammo

You can never have too much ammo in stock. Especially if your friend or family member plans on hitting the shooting range multiple times a week. Find out what caliber of ammunition is needed for their gun and stock up on a couple of boxes! Prices vary so be sure to check around for the best deals! 


  • Earmuffs or Earplugs

Investing in a good pair of earmuffs or a set of earplugs is essential. Excessive loud noises can cause hearing damage over time. If your gun loving friend or family member is also an avid sportsman, good hearing is beneficial to ensure a successful hunt. Many ranges may carry earmuffs and earplugs for guests to use. However, giving this item as a gift means that friends and family members will be able to take them wherever they go. You can find super affordable options for as little as $10. Or you can find higher priced options within the $100 and up range. The choice is yours!


  • Secret Gun Cabinets and Décor

For the gun lover who also loves a bit of whimsy in their life, look no further than a secret gun cabinet or other secret gun décor. A simple Google search will yield a plethora of results to companies that create fun and unique ways to store your collection of firearms. This is a gift for the gun owner who already has everything they need. Choose from options such as picture frames, wall art, tables, mirrors, or hanging shelves, to name a few. Again, prices range from low to high. Keep in mind that these items are more unique, and some pieces may be handmade, therefore prices may be a bit higher.


  • Cleaning Kit

This is a no-brainer gift to give to the novice gun owner in your life. The importance of firearm maintenance is something all gun owners emphasize—it is the key to ensuring your gun continues to function properly. Find options for as little as $10 in some stores. Prices go up from there. These varying prices are indicative of what’s included in each kit. When purchasing, be sure to find out what the kit comes with to ensure your gift has everything needed to properly clean a gun. 


  • Holster

This is an absolute necessity for all gun owners. Holsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with different price tags. Know the make and model of the gun before you buy, and be sure to know a bit about the person you’re buying for.  In case you missed it, we recently posted tips for purchasing holsters for the holidays that can help guide you in your quest to find the perfect holster.


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For all our last-minute shoppers out there, we hope this holiday gift guide helps you out as you brave the last few days of holiday madness. From all of us here at U.S. & Texas LawShield, we would like to say Happy Holidays! Stay safe and enjoy.

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