You’re Responsible for Every Shot

Law Shield will mention the obvious here, just as a reminder: Our members are responsible for every shot fired from their handguns. It’s a lesson that can’t be repeated too often, because the consequences can be so dire — as in the case of a 3-year-old Albuquerque boy who wounded both of his parents with one shot from his mother’s handgun.

According to an Associated Press story, a toddler found a handgun in his mother’s purse. He was apparently reaching for an iPod but found the loaded weapon instead and fired a single shot that first struck his father in the buttock and then hit the right shoulder of his mother.

Both injuries are non-life threatening, authorities said.

“This case will be forwarded to the DA’s office and pending charges of felony criminal negligence will be reviewed on both parents,” Albuquerque police Simon Drobik spokesman said.

Certainly, our members know to secure their weapons away from children, criminals, and the insane, but the lesson to be learned from this family’s bad fortune is that all gun owners must constantly review, assess, and modify (if needed) their carry and storage procedures.

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