Wrong Place, Wrong House

Member Ambassador Sherry Hale interviews Michael Cargill to learn how U.S. LawShield helped his parents in the aftermath of a home invasion and self-defense shooting when they discovered three men breaking into their house.



TV Reporter: “A homeowner in Georgia shot and killed an intruder…Police there are investigating.”

Female Voice: “It’s really creepy. Imagine you’re sleeping at 4 o’clock in the morning and you hear some sort of noises coming from the bathroom…”

Mike Cargill: “I was at home one night sleeping and it’s probably about 3, 4 o’clock in the morning and I get a phone call. I looked at the phone, it was my mother and I thought, ‘Okay, that’s not good.’

“There were three guys who spent 45 minutes to an hour trying to break into my parents home. They took all the screens off the windows of the first floor.

“He opened the back patio, went to the back patio and tried to get into the back door—went to the shed, broke into the shed.

“He got into the shed they pulled a ladder out of the shed and lay that ladder against the house and climbed onto the second floor of my parents home.

“But dad heard that noise and he grabbed this 40-caliber, he stepped over to the bathroom and there was a guy crawling through the window on the second floor of his home at 4 o’clock.

“He fired one single shot, shot him in the face. It stopped right there.”

“Dad dialed the Law Shield. The attorney immediately answered the phone and he immediately started taking care of the case.”

“He immediately contacted the DA’s office, the police department and was trying to figure out what’s going on and get someone to the scene to my parents’ house. I was very grateful for that.”

“This guy fell on the roof of my parents’ house and died on the roof.” 

Sherry Hale, U.S. Law Shield Member Ambassador: “This was a horrible nightmare that none of us ever hope to experience. Mike knows, as an instructor and a gun store owner, that there are two things every gun owner needs to know they need to be prepared and they need to be a member of U.S. and Texas Law Shield. Luckily, his parents were both.”

“Mike’s parents called Law Shield from the back of the police car and were assisted by our independent program attorney every step of the way, including questioning at the police station, and I’m happy to report, no charges were filed, thank goodness.”

“His parents were prepared, educated, and protected, but more importantly, they had legal defense for self defense: U.S. Law Shield.”

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