Will Not Talking To The Police Get You Arrested?

A great question we are continuously asked by members, is what to say and what not to say to officers at a scene where you have used your firearm in self-defense.  Members have astutely asked; do you ever want to provide an explanation/reason on the spot to an LEO, or never say anything at all – If you do not say anything, is it more likely that you will be arrested at the scene?


The opinion of the firearms program attorneys is as follows:

What you should say is what you would say in a 911 call. Just:

1. Identify yourself as the victim.

2. State what crime has been committed against you, e.g. – “I was robbed, I was carjacked” – whatever caused you to pull your gun.

3. Identify the perpetrator.

4. Tell them that you will provide more details later on.


Then call the hotline as soon as possible. Unless the police take you down immediately under the assumption that you are the perpetrator, they should let you talk to your attorney. If the police do not allow you to have privacy to talk to your attorney, take that as a good indication that they believe you may be at fault.  Therefore, in that case your best bet is to say nothing else.

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