Why We Carry: In Defense of Others

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Anti-gun advocates claim concealed-carry permit holders rarely stop crimes, yet here’s another example of a citizen stopping a crime.  WALB in Georgia reports that a Army veteran with a concealed handgun permit stopped an armed robbery and may have saved a life. The event occurred in Sycamore, Georgia:

Don Rogers, a Vietnam veteran, was in a Sycamore gas station getting change for a 20 when the events occurred.  Rogers heard someone demand money from the clerk.  He turned and saw the would-be robber pointing a gun at the clerk, at which point Rogers drew his concealed firearm.  The robber turned towards him, and Rogers vet fired three shots, striking the robber twice who then fled.

The clerk credits the actions of Rogers with possibly saving his life.

“Well, I was hoping nothing like this would ever happen, but I was glad I had my weapon with me,” Rogers said.

A weapon Rogers says every legal gun owner should have on them, as well.

How would you have reacted in the same situation?

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