Where's Mason?

Our Texas Law Shield mascot, Mason the Bear, certainly gets around. Here are a few places he’s been spotted recently. Got a photo of you and Mason, or Mason in a cool place? If so, email it to lawshieldnews@gmail.com and we’ll show it to the Law Shield community.

Lone Star Guns Gallery & Gear_4100
At Lone Star Guns Gallery & Gear, 321 West Interstate 20 in Weatherford. From left are Doug, Zach W. and Joey.














north richland hills
Jerry @ Texas Gun Pros in North Richland Hills says, “Thanks for Mason!”











Mason's Lodge LTC class
Mason the Bear is sneaking up on the goodies while Pat Morris, left, and Roy Hudgins, right, sit unaware at the Mason’s Lodge LTC class.















spring guns & ammo
And there’s Mason watching the cash register at Spring Guns & Ammo in Spring.


















michael berry
And with radio personality Michael Berry.














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