When Church and State Collide: Can You Carry In a Colorado Dual Purpose Facility?

The following is a video transcript.

Assuming one has a Colorado concealed carry permit, state law authorizes the holder to carry a concealed handgun in all areas of the state, except as specifically limited in the statute. As one of the exceptions to that statute, a permit holder generally is not  authorized to carry a handgun onto the real property, or into any improvements erected thereon, of a public elementary, middle, junior high, or high school. Although pursuant to state statute, a permit holder can drive onto the parking lot of a school and leave their handgun in a locked vehicle.

The statute does not limit, restrict, or prohibit in any manner, the existing rights of a private property owner, private tenant, private employer, or private business entity. Meaning that, such private entities are free to prohibit weapons from their premises. So, a private educational center or a house of worship is allowed to set its own rules regarding concealed carry. Unless an entity has a rule to the contrary, a permit holder may carry.


A Sunday school or private school attached to a house of worship, similarly, would not fall under the public schools exception, and would be free to set its own concealed carry rules, provided it is not held on the property of a public school. The Colorado courts have not yet addressed the statute in the context of a public school hosting a house of worship or Sunday school. However, in such instances, the property would likely be deemed to be the real property of a public school, irrespective of the use of the building at any given moment, such that carrying onto such property would likely be a violation.

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