What’s the Bag Limit on Drones?

Deer Trail, a small town in Colorado, put forth to the voters recently a proposed new city ordinance whereby the city would sell hunting licenses to shoot down drones within its city limits.

The proposed ordinance was the brainchild of Phil Steel, a U.S. Army veteran that went before the town’s trustees of Deer Trail to pitch his big idea: an ordinance that would legalize and regulate drone hunting inside Deer Trail city limits. If approved, residents could pay $25 to get a drone-hunting license; the town would pay a bounty for every drone bagged.

The key points in his 2800 word proposed ordinance included:

1.) When a drone flies into its airspace, Deer Trail will consider it an act of war.

2.) You can only shoot at drones flying lower than 1,000 feet.

3.) Unless your life is in danger, you can only fire up to three shots at a drone.

While some at that meeting thought the drone-hunting ordinance might be a good idea, others thought its a joke.

The mayor, Frank Fields, supported the measure as a source of income for the tiny town’s bare coffers.

However, when the town’s trustees split 3 to 3 on the ordinance, it automatically was put to a vote by the town’s 550 residents.

The ordinance was voted down by 73% of the voters.  Oh, by the way, the mayor was also defeated.

As an aside, Phil Steel has been selling these “Souvenir Licenses” on line and has sold nearly 1,000 of these non-valid documents to date.

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