What Are the People of Mexico Supposed to Do?

Texas Law Shield sympathizes with the people of Mexico who are organizing themselves into militias to fight off cartel gangs because their own government can’t or won’t do it.

According to the Washington Post, a so-called “self-defense” movement has sprung up among townspeople to defend themselves against drug gangs because local police and the military cannot do the job.

However, it seems images of teenagers running highway checkpoints and brandishing AK-47s and other weapons that are supposed to be illegal is embarrassing the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto. So Peña Nieto is now trying to demobilize the militias and replace them with something called the Rural Police.

The supposed draw for the militiamen to join the Rural Police is the ability to register and keep their weapons, including firearms that have long been illegal for civilians to possess.

If we were in the same situation, we’d be skeptical of governmental interference as well — as was Alfredo Viveros, an avocado grower and lawyer who has become a militia leader. The Post reported he brought a long list of questions to a government-run registry last week — but none of his guns. His cellphone rattled with text messages from fellow vigilantes seeking advice on whether to bring their weapons to the soccer field. Viveros told them to wait.

Many of the militiamen said they were unconvinced by government’s assurances that it would not use the new database to take their firearms away and leave them vulnerable to criminals. Do you agree or disagree? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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