Weapons of Opportunity: When You Can’t Reach Your Gun… | Pennsylvania

So, you bought a gun to protect yourself in the event of an emergency. You bought that gun because you are getting up there in years and just aren’t as able to defend yourself like you were when you were  younger.

But what do you do if the worst happens at the worst time, and you can’t get to your firearm? Let’s talk about a couple of things you can do in the event you need to protect yourself and your gun is not immediately available.

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room watching the evening news while your firearm is tucked away in your nightstand. Suddenly, your front window is shattered, and a man is coming in.

Weapons of opportunity

The number one thing to do in this situation is to look for what we call weapons of opportunity. You need to find something you can use to help fight off this intruder. It may be a good idea to keep a floor lamp next to your chair so you can swing it at the intruder. Other household items that may work as weapons of opportunity include kitchen knives, golf clubs, or a baseball bat. These weapons of opportunity are legal to keep and use in a home invasion scenario if justified.

Non-Deadly Weapons

Some non-deadly weapons that are lawful to possess in Pennsylvania are pepper spray and electronic incapacitation devices. An electronic incapacitation device must be labeled with or accompanied by clearly written instructions as to its use and the damages involved in its use. Keeping these items around may help you in the horrible event you can’t reach your firearm in time. But when it comes to pocket knives, keep in mind switchblades, gravity knives, or any blade that can open automatically are illegal.

Man’s Best Friend

Another tip is to get a dog. Dogs are often aware that something is amiss before you are. Their bark can alert you to the fact someone is in the house that shouldn’t be, or someone is trying to get in. Their bark may also deter the intruder from coming in at all, or perhaps delay them enough to allow you to get upstairs to where your firearm is and call 9-1-1. Having a dog is like an early alert system that also keeps you company. Dogs truly are man’s best friend after all.

Home Security

The final tip is to invest in measures that will help keep your home safe. A security alarm that will call the police automatically when the alarm is tripped is a good idea. Glass break alarms that alert you when a window is broken. Or floodlights all around the house that will turn on whenever motion is detected. Anything you can do that will make your house look less inviting to a criminal will make you safer inside.

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