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Weapons of Opportunity: When You Can’t Reach Your Gun… | Oklahoma

Seniors, or retired people, often find themselves away from their guns when an intruder suddenly breaks into their peaceful home. Today, we’ll discuss three, non-lethal improvised weapons that can lawfully be used for self-defense purposes.

Picture an elderly man, sitting on the couch. All of a sudden, he hears loud noises coming from his front door. Because it’s after dark and after normal visiting hours, the senior is surprised by the sudden intrusion. His firearm is locked away in another room, but he can’t possibly reach it in time. So, what can he do to protect himself?


Look around your immediate location for any blunt object. You need something light enough to be picked up, but sturdy enough to not break. In the living room, do you see brass candlesticks? What about a lamp? How about a cane? Are there any umbrellas, pool cues, or baseball bats leaning against the corner? All of these objects may legally be used for self-defense or to deter an attacker.

The Intruder May Hide

Common areas where the uninvited and surprise intruders hide are kitchens, back door areas, and bedrooms. Be proactive. Place metal candlesticks as decorations in the kitchen, dining, and living room areas. Canes can be placed at every doorway. Baseball bats can be discreetly placed in the bedroom.

In summary, the best improvised weapons commonly found around the house are blunt, handy, and robust objects that can be easily swung and used to deter an attacker. The three objects that commonly fit all three characteristics are candlesticks, canes, and baseball bats.

So, should you have any questions about using improvised weapons in self-defense, please call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney.

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