Weapons of Opportunity: When You Can’t Reach Your Gun… | Missouri

What do you do if you’re a senior citizen who owns a firearm, but you can’t reach it quickly enough in an emergency? What other means do you have to defend yourself? Let’s discuss the means of non-deadly force you can use to de-escalate a dangerous situation.

Home Intruders

If someone breaks into your home, you may wish to loudly announce your presence and that you are armed. Most bad guys like to prey on the vulnerable, and even a verbal threat of force may be enough to scare away an intruder. If you have a phone in hand, loudly telling the intruder you’ve called the police is another smart choice. The threat of police intervention may scare the intruder away.

Present Yourself Confidently

If you are out and about, do not look scared. If you look scared and uncertain, you’re much more likely to be attacked. Walk with purpose and look like you know where you’re going.

Additional Options for Self-Defense

If you’re not able to carry a firearm, consider carrying pepper gel. Pepper gel can be carried in small, lightweight containers that are easy to take on the go. Pepper gel is an excellent deterrent. I do advise you practice with it first so you’re ready to use it if a self-defense situation arises.

Lastly, even a cane can make an effective self-defense weapon if used properly. You may want to take a class if one is available in your community to teach you how to effectively use a cane as a self-defense weapon. Practice, train, and create your own practical plan to keep yourself safe.

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