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Weapons of Opportunity: When You Can’t Reach Your Gun… | Colorado

What happens if I am at home, there’s an intruder, and I don’t have the ability to get to my firearm fast enough? This is a concern for anyone trying to protect themselves, but it can be even more critical for senior members who may not have the strength or speed others possess.

Non-lethal Weapons

You don’t know when somebody’s going to break into your house. You might not be near your firearm, or it might not be as conveniently placed as you’d need. So, let’s go through some of the non-lethal weapons you can use in Colorado in lieu of a firearm to defend yourself. These items include pepper spray, stun guns, flashlights, or any personal safety alarms you may have on your person. Those are all non-lethal weapons in Colorado and are perfectly legal for you to use.

Justified Force

The amount of force a person uses is only justified if it is reasonably necessary to defend themselves. So, make sure if you are using either your firearm or some other weapon for non-lethal force that you are justified in using it. I would say if somebody has entered your house unlawfully, you would be justified to defend yourself. But make sure you are justified in using the degree of force that you use against the person coming at you.

Non-lethal Tactics

Let’s talk about some non-lethal tactics you might want to use in order to defend yourself against an intruder. If you’re in a hand-to-hand combat situation with the intruder and you gain control, you can obviously bind their arms and legs and contact the police.  Another thing you might consider doing is using pepper spray to either stop or disorient the intruder. Just like with pepper spray, a stun gun could also be used to stop or disorient the intruder.

If you have any questions about senior safety in Colorado or any other questions, please call U.S. LawShield and ask for your Independent Program Attorney.

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