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We Take Issue with Fritz Walker and The Morning Call

Fritz Walker of South Whitehall Township in Pennsylvania wrote an opinion piece for The Morning Call, the third-largest newspaper in Pennsylvania. It publishes in the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area according to its online history. In Walker’s submission, “Fritz Walker: Gun groups sue municipalities for fun, profit,” he mischaracterizes our motivations for filing a suit against the City of Harrisburg.

He’s described as the “gun violence prevention lead for Organizing for Action, the Lehigh Valley Team lead for Everytown for Gun Safety, and a member of the board of directors of CeaseFirePA.”

In his diatribe, he writes, “It is now open season for suing local municipalities for fun and profit. U.S. Law Shield, a Texas-based gun rights group, sued the City of Harrisburg in January a mere week after the law took effect. Not to be outdone, the NRA sued Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster the next day. Numerous municipalities have been warned to drop their local gun laws or else, and several have already moved to do so, while others, including Allentown, are considering repeal.”

Notably, Mr. Walker didn’t contact us to ask what our motivations for suing are.

U.S. Law Shield didn’t sue the city of Harrisburg for fun and profit under Act 192. The law finally gives groups like ours standing to stop municipalities from harassing our members with illegally-passed laws. Harrisburg is pre-empted by state law from passing these specific gun ordinances, but it did so anyway, thus, the lawsuit.

We think Walker and The Morning Call are upset because gun owners and groups like U.S. Law Shield finally have a tool to fight back against anti-gun politicians who are breaking state laws by passing gun ordinances. It’s really that simple.

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