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Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show: Like Disneyland, But a Whole Lot More Fun



Come by and chat with your U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma representatives at the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show to be held April 1-2 at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.

With more than 4,100 tables (2,800 8-foot tables and 1300 6-foot tables), just the volume of displays is one of the reasons why Kyle Baggett, state manager for U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma, agreed that most Members will find it worth visiting. You can find the U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma table in area 3e10, along the wall close to Island D, Baggett said.

“If you’ve never been, it is something to take in, as it fills 2 million square feet at the Tulsa Expo Square,” said Baggett. “Simply put, as far as gun and accessories go, if you can’t find it there, it doesn’t exist.”

Now easily the largest gun-and-knife show in the world, the Tulsa Arms Show fills the 11-acre Expo Square in the Tulsa Fairgrounds. As with many other shows, it had humble beginnings, with the first small show held in 1955. Unlike many local or even regional shows, what makes this mega-event stand out is that it attracts dealers and collectors from around the country and around the world.

It regularly offers firearms displays — with collections that rival the finest firearms museums in the world — and scheduled for this year will be displays of Browning and Smith & Wesson collections. Also, a special presentation of the world’s first machine gun — “Sixteen Shot, Sixteenth Century Wheel Lock” – will be on display.

In addition there will be celebrity guests including Jim West, star of Wild West Alaska, and noted Second Amendment advocate and Texas & U.S. Law Shield Contributing Editor Dr. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime.

Baggett noted that at the end of the day, all gun shows are very similar, with a format most will find recognizable. What sets the Wanenmacher show apart is that it offers an eclectic mix of products, from antique firearms to today’s “black guns” and certainly everything in between.

“A big show is 2,000 tables, but this is the whole next level,” added Baggett. “This isn’t college football even, this is the Super Bowl of shows.”

U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma will once again have a presence at the show (table number pending at press time) so attendees can stop by and discuss the latest in firearms laws, self-defense concerns, gun safety, and other issues that supporters of the Second Amendment might face.

“It is a good way to get to know us, and it is at this show that we see people only once or twice a year,” said Baggett. “We’ll be there to discuss everything happening in Oklahoma and across the country. If you’ve never been, you need to go at least once, it is like Disneyland, but a whole lot more fun.” — by Peter Suciu, contributor, Texas & U.S. Law Shield blog

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