Walking The Walk

Leonard Embody of Nashville, Tennessee is exercising his 2nd Amendment rights about as vigorously as anyone we’ve seen.

A judge recently dismissed weapons charges against Embody for carrying a cased suppressed rifle near the Criminal Justice Center in Nashville, NewsChannel 5 reported.

He was wearing body armor and carrying a rifle with an attached silencer, all of which was wrapped in a make-shift plastic container as he handed out flyers. Metro Police arrested him for unlawful possession of a weapon, but the charges were later dropped because Embody did have a tax stamp and supporting documents for the suppressor.

During the hearing, the judge told him it would be in his best interest to avoid those situations in the future.

“The judge’s opinion isn’t law and I think the judge is wrong on that point,” Embody told the TV station. “And I’m going to be out here today proving it.”

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