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VP Donchecz Grows East Coast Facilities, Perks, and Programs

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Texas & U.S. Law Shield Vice President Dave Donchecz recently traveled along the East Coast, making stops in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida, to help grow and expand our network of members and partners.

As Vice President of U.S. Law Shield, Dave Donchecz works daily to educate and empower firearm owners. Recently, Dave took a trip to the East Coast to help grow and expand our network of members and partners.

Dave’s first stop was New Jersey, where he met with U.S. Law Shield of New Jersey Independent Program Attorney Evan Nappen. Nappen is a criminal defense attorney who has focused on New Jersey firearms and weapons law for over 23 years. He is the author of the New Jersey Gun Law Guide.

Next, Dave met with Scott Bach, the executive director of The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs and a current member of NRA’s Board of Directors. “Every time I meet with passionate gentlemen like Scott Bach, I am reminded why U.S. Law Shield fights so zealously for Second Amendment rights,” David said.

The next stop was Pennsylvania, where Dave met with Pennsylvania State Manager Jim Fisher and Justin McShane, the lead independent program attorney for Pennsylvania. They discussed developments in local gun laws. Dave also visited with a few of the gun shops and ranges we currently work with in Pennsylvania, as well as new facility owners who were interested in joining the U.S. Law Shield family.

As our list of affiliated vendors and partners increase nationwide, our members benefit exponentially. Dave also signed up several Pennsylvania facilities to our Member Perks program. Check out our Member Perks page to find out if you could be getting discounts and deals from your local gun ranges, just for being a member of U.S. Law Shield.

Heading south, Dave made his way to Virginia. While there, he spent time with our lead program attorney Mitch Wells and the Virginia State Manager Dwain Rodman. After a productive meeting, Dave headed to Colonial Shooting Academy and met with the general manager Jay Agustin.

“Jay has been very pleased with the opportunities that U.S. Law Shield has provided his patrons, and he shared some plans for future Second Amendment events and programs,” Dave said. “Colonial Shooting Academy has also joined U.S. Law Shield’s member perks program, and we couldn’t be happier!”

The last stop on Dave’s trip was to the sunshine state. Florida area manager Greg Nichols met with Dave, and together they discussed comments and feedback from Floridian members. Later, with District Manager Scott Smith, Dave met with Victor Bean’s Southern Classic Gun & Knife Shows’ General Manager Skipp Gwinn. Victor Bean holds gun shows and classes in the Florida Panhandle area, and they were excited to join the U.S. Law Shield family.

Dave also visited Talon Range, another proud new member of our member perks program. Shortly after, with the help of Robert Komegay, Dave helped organize an upcoming gun giveaway at Tallahassee Indoor Shooting Range. Later in the trip, Dave traveled to Orlando and met with David Katz and James Phillips, U.S. Law Shield of Florida Independent Program Attorneys. Dave’s final stop in Florida took him to meet Khaled Akkawi, the owner of the Florida-based Shoot Straight chain of ranges. Khaled continues to enjoy the empowerment and education that U.S. Law Shield provides to his patrons.

As U.S. Law Shield continues to thrive and expand, our community of responsible firearm owners grows stronger and more secure.

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