University of Texas Profs Want Guns Banned

Law Shield members whose college-age adult children may be attending or planning to attend the University of Texas-Austin should know that a citizen-disarmament group called “GunFreeUT” is demanding that the University restrict the civil rights of their fellow students, faculty, administrators, and family when a new campus-carry law takes effect next year.

The new state law that goes into effect in August, 2016 could allow CHL holders to carry concealed guns into classrooms, dorms, and other UT buildings.

In particular, GunFreeUT, a group largely made up of professors according to media reports, wants the University to forcibly disarm already-vetted CHL holders from protecting themselves and others and create a potential “spree-kill” zone by ensuring law-abiding citizens can’t resist interlopers with deadly force.

In particular, the anti-self-defense group wants UT-Austin President Greg Fenves to ban guns from classrooms, and if possible, extend the exposed areas to other campus buildings, such as dorms and offices.

What do you think about this group’s objective?

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