Uber Poll: 75% Say Gun Ban Means They Won't Ride


We recently asked Texas & U.S. Law Shield Members if Uber’s ban on firearms would affect their decision to use the transportation company. By more than a 4:1 margin, respondents in the online survey said they will not support Uber because of its carry policy.

The survey was attached to a story about Florida Uber driver Namique Anderson, who would likely lose his driving gig for violating Uber’s “no guns” policy by defending himself and his passenger against a man pointing guns at them.

Uber’s published policy on the “Legal” section of its website is as follows:

Uber Firearms Prohibition Policy

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a safe and reliable ride. That’s why Uber prohibits riders and drivers from carrying firearms of any kind in a vehicle while using our app.*

Anyone who violates this policy may lose access to Uber.

So, we asked the more than 220,000 Members of Texas & U.S. Law Shield:

What’s your take? Does Uber’s policy against legal carry by its drivers affect your decision to use the ridesharing service?

The potential responses were:

  • Yes, I wouldn’t use Uber as a result of its carry policy.
  • No, a private business should be able to set the terms of how its contractors or employees work.
  • Not sure, because I’ve never used Uber.

About 76%, or 283 of 374 respondents, said they will not use Uber as a result of its carry policy. Roughly 17% said the carry policy won’t affect their decision to use Uber, and another 7% said they weren’t sure because they had not used Uber.

Some of the comments were:

“I have applied to drive for Uber. After finding this out, and having applied for my LTC, I will withdraw my request for being a driver for them, nor will I ever use their service.”

“The carry policy won’t affect my decision to use Uber ‘because I am still carrying myself when I use Uber.’”

“I am an Uber driver (part-time) and I am not in support of this ‘policy.’ I think the driver, who already carries the full responsibility for the vehicle and passenger, should be able to decide. I still carry all other self-defense and protection tools not barred in my vehicle. I also don’t ask if people are armed or not, and [display] a full array of Law Shield and other stickers on the car when I drive.”

“I don’t expect my transportation providers to also be armed security guards, any more than I expect my dentist to be a heart surgeon.”

“I think Uber should allow its drivers to legally carry. However, I would not boycott the service based on this. Also, I feel that I, as a passenger, should be able to legally carry while utilizing the service. I drive for Uber. I know their guns policy, but I carry anyway. It’s my car. If they want to ‘fire’ me, fine. I prefer driving for Lyft anyway.”

“If he [Anderson] had not been carrying, he and his passenger may have died. Why do they ignore the paradox of these situations and choose to put people’s lives in danger just because of their opinions of guns?”

“I was personally a driver on both platforms, Uber and Lyft, both of which have similar policies about weapons, legal or not, in the vehicle, period. Meaning even as a passenger they do not want you to carry a weapon even if you can legally do so. There is some food for thought. I choose to let them know of my disappointment by spending my money and my time with providers who don’t have such a policy or are pro-gun rights. I think that is the best way to make your point known. Do some research — there are some options out there that are pro-gun, just look for them; not just for rideshare, but also for restaurants and stores as well! Thanks for letting me share my opinion with you all!”

“I make it a point not to do any business with any entity that prohibits exercise of my constitutional right to defend myself. It’s high time that everyone do the same. Why should you have put your life in danger simply going about your daily life. Too many businesses are coming out against law-abiding people carrying guns. Yet, every day, you hear about someone licensed to carry defending either themselves or someone else against a lethal attack. We live in a unpredictable and violent world, and until I am able to carry a cop, I will carry a gun, and I will not enable anti-gun businesses as they hand out flowers of friendship to criminals.”

“It is a silly policy, but it is their right. If the driver is licensed to carry but is prohibited, the company is putting their employees and customers at MORE risk, not less, as should be obvious to them from this incident.”

“Uber needs to change their policy about licensed people from carrying firearms when working the job. What would they do if a fare had pulled their own gun and shot a thug attempting to harm the driver and passenger? Also, if working for Uber, it’s my car, my state law, and my right to defend myself against attack by criminals.”

“Uber should be sued if a passenger gets hurt because of their stupid rule. It was self defense.”

“Let the man keep his job. This really should not even be an issue.”

We asked Uber for comment at its press contact email address, but haven’t heard back from them. — Texas & U.S. Law Shield Staff

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