Two Texas Bills Would Bar Enforcement of Most Federal Gun Laws

Law Shield notices that the nullification movement seems to have arrived in Texas, as two bills work their way through the Lone Star State legislature. The bills would prohibit state enforcement of federal gun laws and regulations within the state.

House Bill 422 prohibits any state agency, municipality, and state and local law enforcement from “provid[ing] assistance to a federal agency or official” in the carrying out of any federal “statute, order, rule, or regulation” aimed at restricting the right to keep and bear arms. This bill includes a proscription (b) on the enforcement within the state boundaries of any federal attempt to limit magazine-round capacity.

Furthermore, the measure (e) would give citizens standing to sue a municipality if they can prove the jurisdiction adopts a rule, order, or ordinance that enforces a federal law prohibited by the bill. It was introduced by Rep. Matthew Krause (R-Ft. Worth).

HB413 declares all federal restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms to be “invalid” and “not enforceable” within the state of Texas. It reads, in part:

A federal law, including a statute, an executive, administrative, or court order, or a rule, that infringes on a law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution or Section 23, Article I, Texas Constitution, is invalid and not enforceable in this state.

If passed into law, all government agencies and employees within Texas would be banned from enforcing any federal law in violation of the act. It was filed by Rep. Craig Goldman (R-Ft. Worth).

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