“Twas The Night Before Christmas”

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
The alarms were all set with the click of a mouse.
The cameras all aimed to the darkness outside
“I’m guarding my family,” my Glock at my side.

The children all snuggled, safe in their beds
With visions of X-Box, and games in their heads.
Momma in her nightgown, me in my ball cap,
Hot chocolate beside me, my Glock in my lap.

When outside my window I heard such commotion,
The cameras all humming, recording all motion.
I quietly crept to the window with care,
Hoping to find that no-one was there.

And much to my fear, ’twas not the case
Cause staring back at me was a hideous face.
All covered in dirt with a nefarious grin,
The burglar was searching for ways to get in.

“Call the police!” I screamed to my wife,
I could see by his actions that he would take a life.
The moonlight reflected the gun in his hand,
But I was prepared, I had a plan.

I had practiced and practiced and trained at the range
So that something like this would not feel too strange.
The front door was bowing from heave after heave,
I ducked behind cover and shouted, “Just leave!”

The pushing, the banging, the door he did kick,
I knew in an instant, I had to be quick.
I must shout a warning and try not to lose it,
“I’ve got a gun and I’m ready to use it!”

And to my surprise the banging just quit,
I peered out the window and saw the man split.
He dashed across lawns and leapt over a fence,
The police in pursuit, a K-9 on his scent.

My family and I, we’re all safe and sound,
The burglar was caught and now was jail bound.
The lesson my friends is to always be ready,
Practice and practice, your aim must be steady.

I lay down on my bed, my head pillow bound,
‘Twas the night before Christmas and we’re all safe and sound.

— authored by Michael D. Wisdom


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