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Tricked into a Halloween Nightmare | Texas

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Costume parties and Halloween celebrations can be fun for people of all ages. But there are certain considerations for Texas License to Carry (LTC) holders to remember if they are frequent firearm carriers. The question we often get this time of year is, are there any special rules during Halloween that can affect how I carry my handgun? When it comes to carrying while trick or treating in Texas, there is no trick. For Texas License to Carry holders, October 31st is treated just like any other calendar day of the year.

Private Property

LTC holders can carry openly in a belt or shoulder holster or carry concealed anywhere on their person so long as they possess a valid License to Carry. However, if you plan on taking your children door to door, your openly carried or concealed handgun may be unwelcome. Homeowners have the right to prohibit you from carrying on their private property. And if they ask you to leave, you must do so immediately.

School Events

This time of year also brings festive school events such as harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, and trunk or treats. If you plan on attending one of these events, find out ahead of time who is sponsoring the event. If it’s a school-sponsored activity, you cannot bring your firearm into the area where the activity’s taking place. This can be tricky because the event area where you can’t carry may include areas where you would normally be allowed to carry such as the school parking lot. If you find yourself going to one of these events, you should stow your concealed handgun in a locked vehicle.

Pay Attention to Signage

Even if you’re not going to a school-sponsored event, keep an eye out for any signage which may indicate you’re forbidden from carrying your handgun. And while we’re on the topic of signs, if you plan on celebrating Halloween at any amusement park or at a bar, be on the lookout for effectively posted 30.06 or 30.07 signs at amusement parks and 51% signs at bars. If given effective notice that possession is prohibited, leave your handgun at home or concealed in your locked vehicle.

Our final tip is to not carry while intoxicated. Doing so could land you in a jail cell. Orange jumpsuits probably aren’t the costume you had in mind for your celebration. If you have any legal questions about carrying your firearm, call Texas LawShield and ask to speak with your Independent Program Attorney.

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