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Tricked into a Halloween Nightmare | New Jersey

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Hi, I’m Evan Nappen, Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield, here today to talk to you about weapons and trick-or-treating. In New Jersey, can you carry a weapon while trick-or-treating?

The Answer Is…

The answer is basically no, and I bet none of you are surprised by that. First of all, you can’t carry any firearm or weapon, because there are all sorts of criminal charges you could face for doing so. There’s no exemption for carrying a weapon, even during Halloween. What you may not realize is you have to be careful even when carrying an imitation firearm, because New Jersey prohibits the possession of an imitation firearm if somebody else believes you could use it unlawfully. So, if you’re going to go trick-or-treating, I would avoid carrying any weapon–real or even imitation.

Ghost Guns

Speaking about trick-or-treating, New Jersey recently passed a ban on ghost guns. That’s right–ghost guns. They actually refer to this prohibition on ghost guns as a felony-level offense, in which even the mere possession of a piece of metal that is purchased with the intention of making a firearm out of it is an offense. It doesn’t matter whether you actually made a firearm out of metal; if they can show that the metal was intended to be built into a firearm, the mere possession of it, can get you prosecuted.

You see, a ghost gun is simply a homemade firearm–something that Americans have been making since beyond and before the founding of our country. But, federal law has no problem with you building your own firearm for your own personal use. So, beware of falling into a trap of ghost gun possession during Halloween or any other time. Make sure that you protect yourself from having any problems regarding firearms or weapons during Halloween.

If you have any more questions about carrying guns and trick-or-treating with guns or even imitation guns, feel free to contact U.S. LawShield and ask for your Independent Program Attorney for New Jersey, and I’ll be happy to help you. Thanks.

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