Tricked into a Halloween Nightmare | Florida

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It’s that time of year again. Soon, the kids will be walking the streets begging strangers for candy. Yes, Halloween is almost here. About this time each year, we start to get phone calls asking if people can carry their firearm while trick-or-treating.

What does the law say?

In Florida, Halloween is treated just like any other day of the year. There are no additional restrictions imposed during this holiday compared to any other day. You can carry a firearm concealed with a valid Concealed Weapon and Firearms License while trick-or-treating as long as you are not in a prohibited place such as the property of a school, school building, or an event.

Remember, this prohibition applies even when the school is closed and at school-sponsored events that occur off the property of the school. Under Florida law, if you have a CWFL, you can even carry your firearm on private property including other people’s homes without restriction, unless you have actual notice that they do not want you on their property with your firearm. If you continue to carry after you receive notice and refuse to leave, you’re trespassing and can be arrested.

On Halloween, this means that you do not need to worry about carrying concealed as you walk with your children from house to house on other people’s property. You are not breaking any law by walking up to their door with your children while carrying your firearm. There is no prohibition in Florida from carrying your firearm at other public venues or events either unless they are holding a school-sponsored event at the same time in the same location. Even if you are dressed as a sheriff, keep in mind, you may not open carry your handgun in your costume’s holster.

We hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween. If you have any questions about carrying your firearm at a specific Halloween event or any firearm-related questions, give U.S. LawShield a call and ask to be connected to your Independent Program Attorney.

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