Train Before the Bang

Law Shield makes clear to our members that we’re here for them “after the bang,” that is, to defend them in a court of law should they need to use their firearms in a legitimate self-defense situation. But we also advocate that folks be prepared “before the bang,” that is, get trained and be competent with the use of your chosen firearm.

Obtaining a concealed-carry permit (where required), purchasing a handgun, and enrolling in Law Shield does not mean that you’re prepared to defend your life. To wit:

In Franklin, North Carolina, Tracy Williams had been stalked and previously kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Garry Yarborough.  Because she feared him, she obtained a handgun and a concealed-carry permit. But it wasn’t enough.

Franklinton Police Department Chief John Green said Tracy Williams shot Garry Yarborough as he attacked, but when her gun jammed, she couldn’t clear the malfunction, and he allegedly killed her.

We want all our members to survive deadly-force encounters, so we encourage everyone to train as if your life depends on it — because it does.

Have you trained on the use of your firearm to where you are competent and comfortable in its use? Are you prepared?

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