Top Member Stories of 2018

It’s our 10th anniversary at U.S. LawShield!

We’re celebrating with the 350,000+ members who’ve trusted us through the years to keep them educated, empowered, and safely home with their loved ones after a self-defense incident.

And as you can imagine, some of the members we defend experience some pretty scary, and often unbelievable circumstances after they’re forced to protect themselves…

Here are the top 3 member stories from 2018 for you.

Member Story #1: True Story – Wrongfully Accused Member Arrested by S.W.A.T.

Meet Joyce, the loving grandmother who faced down an entire SWAT team coming to arrest her.

Member Story #2: Member Story: Bad Guys Sends Good Guy to Jail With a Lie

Witness how a criminal telling one simple lie to law enforcement led to an arrest that never should’ve happened…

Member Story #3: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A warning shot to break up a deadly fight ends with the Good Samaritan getting handcuffed…

Now, as crazy as these stories are, the truth of the matter is we see thousands of cases just like these every single year. None of these members woke up expecting to have to rely on their U.S. LawShield membership to help them through these traumatic circumstances… But each and every one of them were very glad they had us in their corner.

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