To CNN’s Don Lemon: It Ain’t Semantics

As our members know, Law Shield has an NFA program in which we help members interested in owning automatic firearms, suppressors, and any other weapons controlled by the National Firearms Act of 1934 do extensive legal paperwork to stay within the law.

In the clip below, CNN anchor Don Lemon says he believes that the difference between “semi-automatic” and “automatic” is a matter of semantics. Of course, it’s a matter of legal and regulatory terminology, not semantics.

How can any viewer of CNN trust what Lemon says on any topic if he’s unwilling to understand a seminal — not semantical — difference in how firearms work? Lemon even refuses to understand when his guest, radio host Ben Ferguson, tries to explain the sizable difference between the two operating systems.

Lemon is either intellectually lazy or ignoring the truth. Which one do you think it is?

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