The Restaurant Has a Bar. Can I Carry? Pennsylvania

Spring Break is here, and everyone is thawing out after a long winter. Before you take part in the festivities watchIndependent Program Attorney Justin McShane instruct you on the law before you walk into a restaurant or bar with your firearm.

Here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there is no statute or law against being drunk with a gun, so just literally being drunk and having your gun as long as you’re not touching, it displaying it, doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing with it, you can be drunk as Cooter Brown.

We look at what the conduct is that you do with the gun.

The bottom line of it is that you’re responsible for those bullets that go up—drunk or not.

It doesn’t matter drunk or not, if you point a gun at someone that’s going to be a simple assault

Drunk or not if you lick a shot off and it’s not self-defense and it’s something that you intended to do depending upon what happens that’s gonna be the gradation of the offense

Drunk with a gun isn’t a separate and distinct crime here in Pennsylvania

Can I Carry a Gun into a Bar?

You can take your gun into a bar in Pennsylvania

Bars are a carry area

The most that a bar can do is put up a sign that says no firearms and that’s their personal policy

If they catch you with it then you know they can ask you to leave and just like any other place that has such a policy if you remain then it becomes defiant trespass

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