The Restaurant Has a Bar. Can I Carry? Colorado

Spring Break is here, and everyone is thawing out after a long winter. Watch Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards instruct you on the law before walking into a restaurant or bar with your firearm.

Can You Conceal Carry in Colorado?

In Colorado, you can go into a bar with a firearm concealed so long as there’s not signage that specifically prohibits it, or you’re told by somebody that works there that no guns are allowed. Once you’re inside the bar, if you consume any alcohol, you run the risk of committing a crime by possessing a firearm while you’re intoxicated. Now, you might think, well if I have one beer, or one shot, or whatever it might be, I’m not intoxicated because I’m not a .08, or I’m not a .05. You’d be mistaken because you’re right now thinking about the legal standard for driving, not the legal standard for possessing a firearm. There is no actual per se or statutory legal standard, so it’s a totally subjective standard, i.e. it is up to the police officer on whether or not you are intoxicated. So, if you’re using bad judgment and you’ve got some alcohol on your breath, I can promise you the police officer is going to say you’re intoxicated, and you’re going to be facing a criminal charge for doing something you really shouldn’t be doing in the first place.


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