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The Fight for 2A Rights Begins in Virginia…

Virginia, the first of the 13 colonies to demand reparations for the violations of their basic human rights. The first to demand freedom of choice in their own lives. The first to declare independence from a tyrannical, restrictive government.

Currently at the center of the most restrictive, anti-gun legislation and lobbying in the country, the people of Virginia are once again facing tyrannical government. And in under one year, they’ve quickly surpassed New Jersey as the least 2A-friendly state in the nation.

But there is hope—the people of Virginia are not giving up without a fight…

And they are not alone.

To support them in the fight for uninfringing gun rights and responsible gun ownership, U.S. LawShield has pledged to donate $30 from every annual membership activated across the country during the month of March. These proceeds will help further VCDL’s mission of releasing the chains on Second Amendment rights in the State of Virginia.

VCDL is the only 2A-friendly organization to successfully introduce pro-gun legislation in the Virginia Assembly every year since 1997—and now they’re attacking this new and dangerous legislation head-on.

Not only that, but Virginia Independent Program Attorney, Gilbert Ambler, is stepping up to help fight for the rights of members and responsible gun owners, not just in the state, but nationwide. Ambler and U.S. LawShield are zealously defending 2A rights in the State of Virginia, teaming up with the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) as they combat the gun-grabbers and their anti-gun legislation for our constitutional freedoms.

The war has just begun, and it can’t be fought alone. As a U.S. LawShield member, you are already part of this important fight.  However, if you know anyone who wants to join the fight by activating their membership and triggering another donation to VCDL, please consider sharing this post to help spread the word.

To learn more about the ways you can help stand with the Virginia Citizens Defense League and every responsible gun owning Virginian, visit or call and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney today.


Valid only for annual memberships purchased during the month of March. This promotion ends on 11:59 PM CST March 31, 2020. This promotion excludes all other discounts and promo codes. Gift card purchases or redemptions are not included in this promotion and will not count toward donated sales.


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