The “Failing To Document” Fiasco… | Virginia

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Hi. Ed Riley, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney for Virginia. Does Virginia law require a firearm to be registered and does Virginia law require that a stolen firearm be reported to the authorities?

In Virginia, only machine guns in the commonwealth need to be registered with the Department of State Police. Theft of that firearm is a felony regardless of the firearm’s value. However, Virginia law does not mandate that a stolen firearm be reported to the authorities.

If you are the victim of this criminal offense, then it would likely be in your best interest to make a report with your local law enforcement agency because such a report will assist with the firearm being recovered.

Another consideration for making a report to law enforcement would be to protect yourself in the event your stolen firearm was later used to commit a crime. Now, the most important piece of information you need to document about your firearm when reporting a theft to law enforcement is the serial number. That is significant.

However, other important information includes the make of the gun, the model, year of manufacture if you have it, unique identifying accessories, marks, and modifications. Where and when you purchased or transferred it and the current valuation or purchase price is also helpful. Neither the federal government nor Virginia requires firearm registration, so it is your responsibility as a gun owner to have this information recorded in a safe place should it ever become necessary.

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