The 3 Mistakes Not Worth Making for Missouri Gun Owners…

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I would like to address the top three mistakes gun owners make in Missouri. These are the questions I get on a frequent basis.

Exhibiting a Firearm in Angry or Threatening Manner

Number one is the felony crime of exhibiting a firearm in an angry or threatening manner. If you do not fully intend to shoot someone, do not draw your firearm. If you display your firearm in an angry or threatening manner, you will be charged with a felony. Your justification would later need to be argued in court. Prosecutors in Missouri are quick to charge citizens with the unlawful use of a weapon, if they display their firearm, even in self-defense.

You’re only justified in using deadly force if there is an imminent threat that deadly force will be used against you. You place yourself in a difficult legal situation, if you are not under the imminent threat of deadly force being used against you, and you exhibit your firearm. I recommend that you do not draw your firearm, unless you must use it.

Prohibited Areas: Bars

Number two: bars are a prohibited area. Any place where alcohol is the primary item for sale, or a restaurant where more than 50% of revenues are derived from the sale of alcohol, qualifies as a bar for firearm carry purposes.

The Castle Doctrine

Number three: understanding the Castle Doctrine. Your home is protected by the Castle Doctrine. However, your home does not include your front step. It does not include the area immediately surrounding your home, sometimes referred to as the curtilage. If, for instance, you were to draw your firearm, then shoot someone who is aggressively banging on your front door, you would be charged with a crime. Remember, the castle doctrine only applies within the walls of your home.

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