Texas Law Shield Member Protected During Hurricane Harvey

Texas LawShield Member Chris

As Hurricane Harvey tore a path of destruction through Southeast Texas recently, some saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of the chaos. That fact became real for one Texas LawShield member that confronted a looter face to face. Fortunately for him, he was prepared and knew what to do. Here is his story.

“I am a member of the Texas LawShield family and I joined about two years ago and I would like to say Thank You as I had to call upon a Texas LawShield attorney during our recent Hurricane Harvey. I called the Texas LawShield hotline, I spoke to Emily Taylor after I had to hold a person at gunpoint after they broke into my vehicle in the middle of the night during this devastating storm until Texas City Police Department arrived to make an arrest. 

“Having the peace of mind knowing that Texas LawShield had my back during this incident left me without a worry in the world that I as a Texas LawShield member was legally protected. I thank you for the Law updates, seminars and newsletters that continue to educate members. I know that I have all the protection I need not only in my holster but in the Courtroom as well. Thank You Emily Taylor, Sherry Hale and the entire Texas LawShield family.”

 Chris M.

We are thankful that Chris was unharmed in this incident and that he had the presence of mind to call the Texas LawShield Emergency Hotline for the immediate assistance he needed right then, even as the storm raged on.

This incident exemplifies the commitment we at Texas LawShield have to ensure our members have the peace of mind knowing that even as things seem their darkest around them, we have their back.

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