Texas County Sues a Citizen to Keep Its Gun Signs

One of your Texas Law Shield independent program attorneys, Edwin Walker of the law firm of Walker & Byington, is defending an individual from being sued; not by another person, but by the government itself! After receiving an invalid 30.06 sign takedown notice, rather than following the proper procedure for challenging such a notice (keeping the sign up and waiting for an Attorney General opinion), Waller County civilly sued the citizen, Terry Holcomb, Founder and Sr. Executive Director of Texas Carry, who sent the notice.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told Breitbart Texas, “We were not looking for any monetary damages against Mr. Holcomb initially, we simply needed the issue resolved. He has voluntarily interjected himself into the local affairs of Waller County citizens by filing a complaint against us with the attorney general. After reviewing his answer and the improper arguments contained therein we are keeping those options open.”

Edwin Walker, Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield
Edwin Walker, Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield

Walker said, “This lawsuit by Waller County is unprecedented. There is nothing new about governments, especially county and municipal governments, behaving petty and vindictive. However, Waller County has taken it to a new level by filing a lawsuit against a private citizen who is attempting to exercise his First and Second Amendment rights, by using his statutory rights as a Texas citizen and LTC holder.

“This lawsuit is an unconscionable act that is nothing more than government officials using the judicial system to harass and silence the people. If the courts, the attorney general, and ultimately perhaps the Texas Legislature, does not stop Waller County, it will be open season for local governments to intimidate LTC holders.”

Walker is working to get the case dismissed, make Waller County take down its sign, and even sanction the assistant district attorneys involved for this tactic. Are you glad to have attorneys like Edwin on your side?

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