Ten Long Years to Clear His Name…

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We live in a world of information and data, where our identities exist inside of databases.

In many ways, this makes our lives easier. You can transfer money to or from your bank account in an instant. And you get that new jacket delivered to your front door by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.

On the other hand, people’s identities are either stolen or mistaken because of the new vulnerabilities that are present in the digital age.

Imagine you lost your wallet, and then two years later you find out there is a warrant in Detroit in your name. The catch? You’ve never been to Detroit. Fast forward a few more months, you find out that there are more arrests on your record for public intoxication and resisting arrest, and the convictions for marijuana possession and illegal possession of a handgun.

This actually happened to a man in Indiana back in 2006. Authorities finally determined the true identity of the criminal, and that he was using the Social Security number of the man from Indiana who had lost his wallet.

What’s worse? This criminal was eventually arrested and convicted of murder. The Indiana man received paperwork and documentation clearing his name, but his troubles were not over yet.

It turns out, though the Government admitted to the mix-up, the records were never actually corrected. This oversight resulted in the revocation and suspension of his driver’s license and the denial of a handgun permit.

This also caused him to struggle with finding gainful employment, forcing him to take lower paying, labor-intensive jobs. It took nearly a decade before he was able to gather enough documentation to convince employers that the criminal record was not truly his.

And then there’s the 2017 story that involves a man living in Maryland who happens to have the same full name and exact date of birth as a felon in Florida. But they’re in different states. No problem, right? Wrong. He struggles to find work due to the criminal record of the Florida felon which causes him to fail background checks.

The man in Maryland is now forced to carry around a folder of documents containing an affidavit and a set of his own fingerprints just to prove that he is not a felon.

The real tragedy here is that these scenarios do occur. They can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

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