Take Grilling Season to the Next Level This Year!

Brand Ambassador Germaine Baur brings you your latest Member Perk just in time for the start of grilling season. Grill Your Ass Off has all of your grilling needs covered. Watch our video to learn more about the company and about the great perks you receive!

Germaine Baur: Hi, everyone G Gun Girl here, Brand Ambassador for U.S. & Texas LawShield. We are grilling up some Texas Fried today, so you can taste the freedom here today at Grill Your Ass Off. It is a veteran owned, veteran proud. Mr. Jason, how are you sir?
Jason Murff: Wonderful how about yourself?
Germaine: Oh we’re doing great! Better now, I mean all these spices are so wonderful. I want all of our U.S. LawShield members to know everything there is to know about Grill Your Ass Off. Tell me, should we start with spices or should we put these yummy steaks on the grill?
Jason: So the steaks on the grill and then we’ll come back to the spices.
Germaine: Why don’t we break these spices down one by one to tell everybody what they all mean with all the names and all the spices and ingredients.
Jason: Perfect, let’s head over.
Germaine: Let’s do it.
Jason: We’ve got six different spices. Our newest one is Crispy’s Mango Habanero. We just partnered up with Omar Avilia, his nickname is Crispy. Right now, it’s our number two seller. Gunpowder is still number one, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite.
Germaine: Now, what makes Gunpowder the favorite?
Jason: Due to the fact it’s different from anything you’ve ever seen. It features FDA approved charcoal inside there, so you want that perfect looking black bark. The activated charcoal doesn’t really give you a ton of flavor, but it gives you that perfect deep rich color that you’re looking for in a brisket. Next up, we got Infidel Pork
Rub, which is gonna be a brown sugar chipotle pepper style mix. So it’s gonna be sweet and then follow up with
some heat to it, and since it’s going on pork we couldn’t come up with a better name other than infidel, so it fits all of us 2A members well. Claymore Cajun seasoning is going to be our Creole style seasoning with a ton of flavor. So we decided to put a crawfish on there for the Cajun style, and that Claymore because a claymore is a small pack but it has a really big explosion. Small amount of ingredients, large amount of flavor. We got Willy Pete Chicken Seasoning. Willy Pete chicken seasoning is gonna be a Southwest garlic style seasoning really great on chicken, but kind of like a seasonal it’s gonna have less than 2% salt out of the seasoning and it’s great
on everything. We have our Ma Deuce steak seasoning. This was our first seasoning. It’s a heavier granulated style seasoning, so you get a lot more of a bold flavor once it’s done.
Germaine: You know what I love about all your seasonings, and district company in general Jason, is
that you’re very second amendment friendly. How important was that to integrate you know veteran and Second
Amendment and the rights into your company.
Jason: I wanted to basically be able to have any veteran, family of a veteran, active military, or Second Amendment user pick this up and automatically feel a connection to it. If I can get someone to pick this up and get a laugh out of it, so that’s the meaning behind Grill Your Ass Off and all of our labels tell our members.
Germaine: How do we find Grill Your Ass Off?
Jason: So you can go to GrillYourAssOff.com. We’ve got a bunch of new apparel coming. We do have a new seasoning coming soon. I’ll let it out right now it’s a taco and fajita seasoning, and we have a retail locator on there so you’ll be able to find all of our retail locations that sell the seasonings. We have a sample pack available on our website, and they also have a couple of different combo packs. So if you want to get two, three, or
all six we have different price breaks in it to help you save as much as possible.
Germaine: Okay Jason, so I’m excited. The steaks are done, the potatoes are done, which seasonings did you use for these steaks and the potatoes?
Germaine: So we did two steaks with our Ma Deuce steak seasoning, which is our original steak seasoning. We
followed up with another two steaks with our Gunpowder steak and brisket seasoning, and then we finished our
potatoes with some Willy Pete Chicken seasoning, which typically is our most universal style seasoning. A lot of people are held back because they see a cow on the label, or they see steak and
brisket on the label, but expand it out use it as salt and pepper put it on anything that’s gonna enhance your
Germaine: Your seasoning have no MSG in them.
Jason: Everything stays as organic as we possibly can get. We are made here inside Texas, are 100% veteran owned, veteran operated, and we are certified go Texan members, so we give back as much as we can to the veteran and Texan community members.
Germaine: Members don’t forget go online to GrillYourAssOff.com promo code is USLS for the member perk. Also, be sure to take a look at our website at uslawshield.com and you are going to see Grill Your Ass Off on the Perks page. Until next time, remember stay armed and stay educated.

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