'Surviving a Public Attack' Video Series 

Because of ongoing mass gun-and-knife attacks on citizens and the police, we encourage Members to consult a series of Texas & U.S. Law Shield videos and attend seminars that outline tactical and legal steps you or your family members can take if they’re caught in one of these life-or-death situations.

Receive real-life knowledge and guidance from Law Enforcement professionals trained to handle these life-threatening situations. Then, learn from experienced Texas Law Shield Independent Firearms Program Attorneys as they explain how to navigate the legal aftermath of an incident.

Click on the links below to view 11 YouTube videos that offer on-the-scene responses you can employ to prevail in a mass attack. If you have additional questions, click here to find local listings for “Surviving a Shooting” seminar near you.

If you would like to watch the all videos consecutively, click here to see a YouTube playlist with the full set of videos.


1 Run… Hide… Fight! Introduction

2 Run… Hide… Fight! Basic Tactics

3 Run… Hide… Fight! How to Escape

4 Run… Hide… Fight! How to Hide

5 Run… Hide… Fight! It’s Time to Fight

6 Run… Hide… Fight! When LE Arrives

7 Run… Hide… Fight! Active Shooter Medic

8 Run… Hide… Fight! Legal Precautions

9 Run… Hide… Fight! Gun-Free Zones

10 Run… Hide… Fight! Good Samaritan

11 Run… Hide… Fight! LE Legal Advice



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