Strange Twist in Target Gun Story

U.S. Law Shield noticed a strange twist in a story by WMBF-TV in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which reported that a real gun was found in the toy aisle of Target on Seaboard Street.

The gun was in plain view on top of a superhero Playskool toy box when a loss prevention worker found it and saw it was loaded with live ammo.

The fact that it was found in an aisle geared toward children made Open Carry Texas ask if it was a false flag operation.

CJ Grisham, President of Open Carry Texas, wrote BuzzFeed saying, “I wouldn’t doubt if a gun control extremist planted the gun there to further his agenda of blaming gun owners for deaths of children. Whoever did it is a despicable excuse for a human being and should be charged with attempted murder and fried in a chair.”

The Moms Demand Action group is trying to pressure Target stores to ban open carry. MDA denied leaving the gun in the store.

The Myrtle Beach police say a woman named Chavonne Tere Moore is the last known owner of the gun. The gun was identified as a Hi-Point C9 9mm.

On Thursday, the Myrtle Beach Police Department released a photo of a man they are attempting to identify in reference to the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective H. Jones at 843-918-1911.

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