Stolen Firearm! It Happens More Than You Think | New Jersey

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What happens if you have a lost or stolen gun in New Jersey? If a firearm is lost or stolen, New Jersey mandates by law that you must report it within 36 hours to your local police department. If you don’t have a local police department, you need to go to the Superintendent of State Police and make sure you report that loss or theft of a firearm, otherwise you can be liable and could be charged.

That’s for ordinary firearms. If you have a registered or licensed assault firearm, you must report the theft within 24 hours, and failure to do so also subjects you to penalty.

If your Firearm Purchaser ID Card or long arm license is lost or stolen, you must report it and apply for a duplicate card within 30 days. If you fail to do so, you’re looking at a criminal charge. If you lose your license, have lost or had your firearm stolen, or your assault firearm that’s licensed and registered, you are required to report them to your local police. If you don’t have local police, report it to the state police. If your ID card is lost or stolen, make sure your application is submitted for a new ID card within the 30 days.

New Jersey looks at this type of offense as an omission—and omissions can be prosecuted. It does not have to be a commission of an offense; your failure to do something (an omission), can still subject to you to sanction and penalty. Be careful and be aware, and make sure that you do the right thing should this ever happen to you.

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