Stolen Firearm! It Happens More Than You Think | Missouri

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Lost or stolen firearms can create legal difficulties for you if you don’t handle the situation correctly. Missouri state law does not create specific liability for a lost firearm, nor does it create specific liability for a stolen firearm. If you negligently entrust your firearm to a minor, however, you may face criminal or civil liability.


First, if you own a firearm which is later lost or stolen and that firearm is used in a crime, you may become a suspect in that crime. There is no legal duty for you to report a firearm lost or stolen in Missouri. It is, however, the smart thing to do. By reporting your firearm lost or stolen, you help to protect yourself from criminal acts being tied back to you. If you lose a firearm or it is stolen, report the lost or stolen firearm to your Sherriff’s department.

Second, if your firearm has been lost or stolen your chances of getting it back are not good. If your firearm is not insured, it’s likely gone forever, and you absorb that loss. By reporting a firearm lost or stolen to the Sherriff’s department, you do increase your chances of recovery. I recommend you keep a record of the make and model of your firearms along with the serial number and a copy of your purchase receipt. Keep those records in a safe place separate from your firearms themselves. If you need to report a lost or stolen firearm, you should have this information to provide the Sherriff’s department.


In Missouri, you are not held criminally liable by statute if your lost or stolen firearm is used in a crime. There’s also no statute that makes you civilly liable for acts committed with your lost or stolen firearm. That being said, don’t risk becoming a suspect in a crime or becoming the subject of a civil suit because you didn’t follow smart protocols now. Remember, a person can sue you for almost any reason, and the costs of defending even a meritless lawsuit can be overwhelming.

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