Stock Up Now?

Law Shield can’t predict the future, but we can wonder about it.

It seems that availability and pricing for Russian ammo has eased considerably — prices for 7.62x39mm, for instance, have dropped below 25 cents per round at many retailers.

It wasn’t too long ago that supplies were tight and prices were high for nearly everything, including imported brands. And that was before the Ukraine unpleasantness.

A couple of months ago shooters were worried about the Russian government cutting off the supplies of firearms and ammunition, but we thought that was backwards. Russia needs hard currency, so it wasn’t in that government’s best interest to curtail such sales to the U.S.

About our own government’s actions, we’re not as sanguine.

The recent news about the DOJ’s “Operation Choke Point,” in which regulators intimidated banks into constricting or cutting off financing to ammunition and firearms companies, is the kind of hidden, asymmetrical effort this administration seems to prefer when it comes to firearms regulation.

Ditto that on the “41P” NFA regulation we protested.

And Century Arms is laying off 41 workers because the administration blocked the importation of M1 Garands from South Korea.

All this to say, imported Russian products are cheap and plentiful right now. Who knows if that will be true tomorrow?

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