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Stay Trained, Stay Alive

At U.S. Law Shield, we are typically concentrating on what happens to our members after an incident has occurred. But we are aware that what happens as you’re forced to use a gun, can be the difference between life and death.

While the circumstances surrounding a recent shooting by an officer tragically left a suspect dead, they illustrate the vital importance to all those who carry a firearm (civilian or police) to get trained and be constantly prepared.

Video footage captured from a gas-station security camera below shows how a Cook County, Illinois off-duty sheriff’s sergeant is approached by three men attempting to rob him. Outcome: The officer draws, fires, and shoots one of the attackers while the other two flee.

Pay close attention to the reactions of the officer.

First, he gets surprised, which can happen to anyone.

Next, he creates space between him and the attackers by backing up.

Then the officer seems to fumble with getting his wallet out of his left rear pocket. This distracts the attackers and gives him a chance to draw his handgun with his right hand and fire a fatal shot — and then take a defensive position and search for more danger.

The sergeant’s reactions aren’t just happenstance.  That’s why we encourage our members to train.  Does your training only involve punching paper, or do you try to solve dynamic problems? Worth thinking about.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content:


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