Statistics Show Racial/Economic Line On Issuance Of Firearm Permits

The Washington Times recently reported a troubling set of statistics; in Chicago, African Americans are struggling to receive concealed carry permits.  Where many firearms and self-defense advocates would suggest legal firearms ownership and carry permits are needed, in high crime areas, in Chicago’s “crime-ridden neighborhoods of Englewood and West Englewood, combined with West Garfield Park, out of their 114,933 total residents, only 193 concealed carry licenses have been issued — less than 0.17 percent of the population.”  According to the Times, the population of these communities is almost exclusively African American, living right at or just above the poverty line.

In other areas in the state, the population percentage issued carry permits is much higher, over 1% of the population and even reaching as high as 1.24% in affluent Cook County.

“Illinois residents say the disproportionate statistics all boil down to cost. Of right-to-carry states, Illinois has the highest registration and training fee, costing an applicant about $650 on average for fingerprinting, taxes and logistics — excluding the price of the gun.”

For a person working a full time minimum wage position, $650 is equivalent to two full weeks of work, before taxes and as many firearms owners know, costs more than many quality handguns on the market!  George Mitchell, president of the NAACP Illinois State Conference states “there are a lot of systematic and economic barriers that make it difficult for South Side of Chicago residents, many of whom are African-American, to obtain concealed carry permits…some of the barriers include the high costs, time commitment [Illinois requires a 16 hour course], bureaucracy and the community’s distrust of the police.”

Do You Think People Should Be Prohibited From Obtaining A Carry Permit Simply Because They Cannot Afford It – Specifically In Areas Of High Crime?  Sound Off In The Comments Below!

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