Some Facts about Isla Vista Shootings to Consider

WARNING: Video Contains Mature Content

Our condolences go out to the families whose loved ones were murdered or injured in the recent spree killing by the troubled son of a Hollywood director.

Police said Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old gunman and the son of a director who worked on “The Hunger Games” movies, carried out the attacks last week in the tony community of Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara. Before the attacks, Rodger had prepared a video statement that said he would slaughter those with a good life — especially women who shunned him, authorities said.

Already, anti-gun politicians and groups are politicizing the event and making the call for gun control, even though the facts contradict their calls for more action.

Some facts to remember:

  • California has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country, and they were ineffective at stopping this carnage.
  • All of the handguns were purchased legally, according to police.
  • Many media reports aren’t making it clear that the total number killed and injured included the shooter’s suicide, and some deaths were due to Rodger stabbing people. Rodger apparently stabbed three men to death at his apartment. Four people were injured when hit by his car.

According to news reports, Elliot Rodger’s parents had seen other videos posted by their son that talked of his angst and desire to kill. Alarmed, they contacted police, who “interviewed” Rodger and found the 22-year old “shy, polite and having a difficult social life but did not need to be taken in for mental health reasons.”

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kelly Hoover said the sheriff’s office “was not aware of any videos until after the shooting rampage occurred.”

In your view, what would have stopped or limited the killings in this case? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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