Shocker: Newspaper Picks 15 “Best” Concealed-Carry Handguns

The Law Shield staff was pleasantly surprised to see an extensive article on The Washington Times website that covered, drum roll please, the 15 “best concealed-carry handguns.” We cannot recall seeing a similar story in a mainstream news publication before. The Times picked these handguns for the list:

Ruger LCR .38 Special Revolver

Kahr CW380 .380 ACP DAO Pistol

SCCY Generation 2 CPX 9mm Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Pistol

Taurus 605PLY .357 Magnum Revolver

Ruger LCP .380 ACP Pistol

Kimber Solo Carry DC (Deep Cover) 9mm Pistol

Glock 30S Subcompact .45 Auto Pistol

Colt Mustang XSP .380 ACP Pistol

Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum Revolver

Bersa BP9CC (Concealed Carry) 9mm Pistol

Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol

Beretta Pico .380 ACP Pistol

Kahr PM9 9mm Pistol

Carl Walther PPKS 9mm Pistol

Do you agree with these choices, or are there better guns out there? Do you have personal experience with one of these models that suggests it NOT be on the list? Let us hear your views.

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