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Sheriff Loosens Requirements for Obtaining CCW Permits

Texas Law Shield supports Orange County (Calif.) Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ very recent decision to loosen requirements for obtaining CCW permits in her county.

Normally, TLS wouldn’t make note of a county permitting change in a state where we currently don’t offer our program. But Orange County is responding very quickly and positively to the recent 9th Circuit Peruta decision, and O.C.’s move might spur other counties to relax their permitting requirements as well.

Also, Orange County has about 2.4 million residents. So, in short order, thousands or tens of thousands of Californians might apply for CCW licenses to defend themselves and their families — and that’s something TLS supports.

San Diego County, which was the defendant in the Peruta case, hasn’t filed an appeal of the 9th Circuit decision. The deadline is Feb. 27.



Cost: $195.22 (standard 2-year permit)

Instruction: 16 hours of class time

Other Requirements: Pass background checks, undergo LE interview

Document Requirements: completed Department of Justice application; birth certificate; valid California Driver’s License; two recent passport photos; documents in support of request; military discharge papers (if applicable); copies of two most recent utility bills (to prove full-time residency);

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

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