SB 273: A Powerful 2nd Amendment Guard Dog

Law Shield would like to alert our members to another substantial upgrade to Texas gun rights with the passage and signing of SB 273, which “protects citizens from improperly posted 30.06 signs used to coerce CHL holders into unnecessarily disarming on government property.” The bill was signed on June 16 and takes effect Sept. 1, 2015.

The measure recently signed by Gov. Abbott would prohibit many state and local public buildings from barring lawful concealed carry.

Texas allows for the lawful posting of constraints on concealed carry through “30.06 signs,” but the legal use of these signs is limited.

SB 273 would strip sovereign immunity from governmental bodies and officials who illegally posted 30.06 signs and allow offenders to be sued by gun owners for damages.

Fine start at $1,000 for the first incident and escalate to as much as $10,500 for subsequent violations.

With the passage of SB 273, there now exist effective means of punishing those who unlawfully infringe on 2nd Amendment rights — including governmental entities.

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