Ruger Introduces Striker-Fired LC9s Compact 9mm Pistol

Law Shield wants to advise our members that Ruger has produced a new striker-fired version of the LC9 pistol, dubbed the LC9s. Law Shield isn’t endorsing the new pistol; we’re simply advising members of its features and availability.

The different ignition system separates the LC9s from the already established hammer-fired LCP and LC380 in 380 ACP and the LC9 chambered in 9mm Luger. And there are other differences.

The compact, 17.2 oz. Ruger LC9s pistol has a 3.12-inch barrel, the same as the LC380 and LC9 and slightly longer than the 2.75-inch barrel on the LCP.

The LC9s has an overall length of 6 inches, a height of 4.5 inches and a 0.9-inch width. That makes it the same length and height as the LC380 and LC9 and slightly longer and taller than the LCP (5.16 inches long, 3.6 inches tall).

Factory specs say it weighs 17.2 ounces empty and had a 7+1 capacity. That’s the same round count as the LC380 and LC9 and practically the same weight as those pistols. The LCP (9.4 ounces) weighs about half of the LC9s and carries one fewer round in the magazine.

The LC9s’s six-groove alloy-steel barrel twist rate is 1:10 RH, as found on the LC9 and LC380. The LCP spins its bullets at a slower 1:16-inch rate.

The LC9s uses the same holsters, extended magazines, lasers and accessories as the LC9 and features a blued, through-hardened alloy steel slide, a one-piece glass-filled nylon grip frame with aggressive checkering, a grip-extension magazine floorplate, and a windage-adjustable 3-dot sight system. Ruger claims the LC9s’s newly designed trigger mechanism has a short, light, crisp trigger pull.

The LC9s offers modern safety features such as an integrated trigger safety, manual safety, magazine disconnect, inert magazine for safe disassembly and a visual inspection port that allows for visual confirmation the chamber’s status.

The LC9s No. 3235, $449, ships with one 7-round magazine, a soft case and a cable locking device. It is not currently approved and certified for sale in Massachusetts or California.

Chris Killoy, Ruger president and chief operating officer, said, “The LC9s follows the success of the LC9, yet provides a new option for shooters who prefer the short, crisp trigger pull of a striker-fired pistol.”

Do you own any of these Ruger pistols? What do you think of them?

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