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A few months ago Ryan Flores attempted to rob a California Starbucks using a gun and a knife. Cregg Jerri, a patron in the store, wasn’t going to allow that to happen, so he jumped Flores from behind, striking him with a chair. A struggle ensued, and Jerri was stabbed in the neck, but he kept fighting.  Eventually, Jerri was able to gain possession of the knife, whereupon he kept stabbing Flores until the threat was over. Now Flores is threatening to sue Jerri over what he considers to be excessive force used to subdue him.

About a third of the states have some sort of civil immunity, but the laws vary in the circumstances and manner in which the immunity provisions may be applied. The bottom line is that even with civil immunity statutes in place, it does not prevent a lawsuit from being filed against you to force you to prove you are entitled to immunity in court. That means having to hire an attorney, an expensive proposition at best.

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